Plus Code, A digital addressing solution

Plus Code is a digital address given to every house in the slum. It uses latitude and longitude to produce a short, easy-to-share alpha-numeric digital address that can represent any location on earth. This location code can be used on Google Maps and will allow slum residents to access services such as postal, emergency services, gas cylinders & other online services. It can also direct individuals or service providers to the nearest amenities such as water standposts, electrical posts, community Toilets, manholes, etc. within the slum. Additionally, City Municipal Corporations will be able to provide basic facilities like water, sanitation, electricity, etc. to every household accurately, and people of the settlement can connect with the Municipal Corporation for the repair of public facilities in the settlement.

Shelter Associates has partnered with Google to bring this unique and powerful solution to the urban poor residing at the informal settlements of the city.

Advantages of Plus Code

This short Plus Code video showcases the use of Plus Code in generating unique trackable addresses for slum families.
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